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Burt’s Bees® Intense Hydration

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is down, so I’ve got no safety data on these products. Therefore, this review will be based solely on my experiences.

As part of this BzzCampaign, I got an awesomely stuffed box full of goodies, all for FREE! Included were full-size containers of: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment MaskCream Cleanser, and Night Cream, as well as tons of small samples of the night cream and Day Lotion with coupons. Whoa! This all retails for almost $50. Winter is coming (eek! I let my Game of Thrones geekiness peek through for a second) and with it comes dry skin, so my face is going to LOVE this.

In a previous BzzCampaign, I tried Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin line, and while I thought it was okay, I wasn’t super impressed. I do still use the lotion from that campaign from time to time, but it doesn’t have a SPF, and I’m really fair skinned, so that’s almost a must for me. The Intense Hydration line doesn’t either (boo!) but it’s got plenty of redeeming characteristics to make up for that!

The first item I tried was the cream cleanser. I LOVE the scent. It’s sort of citrus-y, like sweet grapefruit, and it really wakes you up. My skin felt clean but not tight afterward, and I had no sign of irritation.

I tried the night cream after cleansing soon after. It’s really thick (as you would imagine) and a little goes a long way. It absorbed fairly quickly and didn’t really feel very greasy. The most important thing was that it hydrated my skin really well, and it felt firm and supple the entire next day, but it didn’t clog my pores or cause any breakouts (which is often a problem for me.)

The third night I tried the treatment mask after cleansing. I really slathered it on since the directions say to apply a thick layer. It was a little on the greasy side, as you might expect from something so moisturizing, but after waiting 5 minutes and removing it, my skin felt great. Two days later, I still feel the effects. The mask doesn’t have any color added, so you don’t look like a green-faced weirdo while you use it, and it stays soft while you wear it (no trying to talk without moving your mouth.)

I’m almost 32 years old, and while I don’t think I have problems with fine lines right now (that may be wishful thinking/denial, but I’m sticking to it!), I can see how these products would be super beneficial if you did. My main problem is oily skin, and while more hydration may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes it’s exactly what your skin needs! Your body will produce less oil if your skin doesn’t need it. This line of products is working for me right now, and if those fine lines ever show up (if! IF!!) I think I might have the solution.


Smartfood Selects Snack Foods

I’m a snack food junkie, so I try not to buy snack foods all that often lest I find myself covered in orange cheese, having eaten an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting.  Smartfood Selects might change that though, because they are both tasty and not terrible for you.

As a bzzAgent, I received a free full-size bag of Sour Cream and Onion Puffed Corn as well as two snack size bags, one of Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips and one of Cinnamon Brown Sugar Multigrain Popped Chips.

The puffed corn was tasty (even though I’m not a sour cream fan) and had an odd but strangely addictive texture, like fluffier popcorn without the crunchy kernel part. My son didn’t really like them, but everyone else had mostly good things to say. The puffed corn was not too salty or too powdery (I hate that mess that gets all over your fingers!) I also liked the recloseable bag that it came in. We’re always losing our chip clips in this house. The bag lasted in our house about a week, and the product never got stale, even though it contains no preservatives. They’re also baked, not fried, so there’s no greasy residue all over your hands or the bag.

I liked the popped chips better. They have a great crunchy texture. I had some leftover caramel dip in the house so we ate the cinnamon chips with that and it was DELICIOUS. I’m a sucker for cinnamon and sugar, so these were my favorite! The hummus chips were really interesting. We eat a lot of hummus in our house and it never occurred to me that garbanzo bean flour might make a good chip! These were the favorites of my two-year-old as well as some of the other people who sampled the snacks. I can’t speak to the staying power of the chips, because none of them lasted long enough to get stale.

I’m glad to have found a snack food that I can bring to parties or even munch at home that isn’t loaded with artificial ingredients. While I’ll still eat snack foods only in moderation, I’m glad to have found a smarter choice!