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Lysol® Power & Free™

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! It’s not that I haven’t had new BzzCampaigns…I have…but they haven’t had blog post activities. So, anyway, I’m back, and today I’m Bzzing about Lysol® Power & Free™ cleaning products.

I received the multi-purpose cleanser as well as the disinfecting wipes for free via I also received a few coupons for the products in the line and bought the toilet bowl cleanser for myself (at a retail price of $1.97, and a $1 off coupon, it was a steal. I needed some anyway.)  The main selling point of these cleaning products is that they are bleach-free, using hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect. I absolutely hate using bleach, and avoid it if at all possible, so I was excited to give these products a try.

I first tried the wipes on my stovetop, where my husband managed to burn some sticky wort while making beer. I scrubbed with the wipes, and they barely made a dent in the mess. I moved on to my go-to cleaning product, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and it had some difficulty too, so I let the wipes slide. I ended up using a scouring powder. That is not an application I would expect a wipe to do well, so I wasn’t too disappointed. The wipes have been fine for wiping down countertops and (my most common use) cleaning my 3-year-old’s little potty. The scent is not overpowering, and I trust that a Lysol product is effective in killing germs. I feel okay using it around food and my child/pets.

Unfortunately, the other products didn’t really live up to my expectations. The toilet bowl cleaner wasn’t as powerful as I anticipated, and I really had to scrub to get some of the stains off. (That’s disgusting, isn’t it? I apologize.) While it didn’t have a bleach smell, I still felt the scent was too strong – it still smelled chemical.

The multi-purpose cleanser was the most disappointing. It cleaned my bathroom sink, and did an okay job, but I still feel like a Magic Eraser would have been a better choice. The bathtub was just a big failure, and I definitely needed to bring in reinforcements after spraying it down and scrubbing with a brush. The scent is TOO, TOO STRONG and almost had me gagging. It doesn’t even smell overly chemical, just – bad.

In short: good idea, bad execution. I’d love to see some retooling of the products – the idea of bleach-free is great!