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Lysol® Power & Free™

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! It’s not that I haven’t had new BzzCampaigns…I have…but they haven’t had blog post activities. So, anyway, I’m back, and today I’m Bzzing about Lysol® Power & Free™ cleaning products.

I received the multi-purpose cleanser as well as the disinfecting wipes for free via I also received a few coupons for the products in the line and bought the toilet bowl cleanser for myself (at a retail price of $1.97, and a $1 off coupon, it was a steal. I needed some anyway.)  The main selling point of these cleaning products is that they are bleach-free, using hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect. I absolutely hate using bleach, and avoid it if at all possible, so I was excited to give these products a try.

I first tried the wipes on my stovetop, where my husband managed to burn some sticky wort while making beer. I scrubbed with the wipes, and they barely made a dent in the mess. I moved on to my go-to cleaning product, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and it had some difficulty too, so I let the wipes slide. I ended up using a scouring powder. That is not an application I would expect a wipe to do well, so I wasn’t too disappointed. The wipes have been fine for wiping down countertops and (my most common use) cleaning my 3-year-old’s little potty. The scent is not overpowering, and I trust that a Lysol product is effective in killing germs. I feel okay using it around food and my child/pets.

Unfortunately, the other products didn’t really live up to my expectations. The toilet bowl cleaner wasn’t as powerful as I anticipated, and I really had to scrub to get some of the stains off. (That’s disgusting, isn’t it? I apologize.) While it didn’t have a bleach smell, I still felt the scent was too strong – it still smelled chemical.

The multi-purpose cleanser was the most disappointing. It cleaned my bathroom sink, and did an okay job, but I still feel like a Magic Eraser would have been a better choice. The bathtub was just a big failure, and I definitely needed to bring in reinforcements after spraying it down and scrubbing with a brush. The scent is TOO, TOO STRONG and almost had me gagging. It doesn’t even smell overly chemical, just – bad.

In short: good idea, bad execution. I’d love to see some retooling of the products – the idea of bleach-free is great!


Post Alpha-Bits Cereal

After joining this BzzCampaign, I received in the mail a free full-size box of Post Alpha-Bits cereal as well as some coupons. Super WHY! is my son’s favorite TV show, so he was thrilled to see Whyatt on the front of the cereal box. Then he realized there was food in the box, and forgot all about what was on it.

Cold cereal is a favorite snack in our house (and often one of two or three courses in my son’s breakfast – he can never have just one thing.) I tend to stay away from the super-sugary breakfast cereals (though I admit a weak spot for Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and usually purchase Cinnamon Life or Honey Nut Cheerios. I remember eating Alpha-Bits as a kid when my mom bought it on occasion, and I guess I sort of lumped it in with the sugary frosted cereal category in my head. I never really considered purchasing it for my family. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Alpha-Bits have less sugar than the cereals I usually buy, and a similar amount of whole grains.

And of course they are delicious! They stay crunchy in milk longer than the average cereal, and are not too sweet. Everyone in our house enjoyed them. My son is starting to learn to read and liked putting the letters together and asking me what they spelled. Some of them are a bit hard to recognize, although I suppose that’s to be expected when you’re making letters out of food.

Now here’s the problem – they don’t seem to be sold in any grocery store in my area, only at Target. I wonder why? I would probably buy them on occasion if they were found where I usually shop, but I don’ t find myself at Target very often, and when I do, I’m almost never purchasing food.