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Filippo Berio Olive Oil

I generally try to feed my family healthy foods, so I use olive oil for most of my cooking oil needs. (Curious about the health benefits of olive oil? Check out to be informed.) I was excited to get into this campaign because I usually buy the store brand olive oil, and I was curious to try it back-to-back with a pricier name brand, to see if I could tell the difference. The kit came with a bottle of EVOO, a handy little jar opener (my previous jar opener – the one I’m married to – seemed equal parts hurt and relieved), a fat substitution magnet chart, some coupons, and a number of recipes.

Usually I use olive oil pretty traditionally – I use it to saute, grease bakeware, and make salad dressings and the like. Occasionally I’ll use it for non-food purposes, like on my son’s cradle cap when he was an infant, or to soften my feet at the beach. (Really! Put a little olive oil on your feet, and the sand will smooth the rough and dry skin!) One thing I have never tried, though, is using it in place of butter in baking. I didn’t even know you could do that reliably! Plus, olive oil isn’t really a flavor I associate with sweet treats (although I have heard good things about Lemon Olive Oil Cookies.)

That changed last week when I was making a batch of breakfast cookies (from the fantastic bulk cooking/freezing cookbook Fix, Freeze, Feast) and realized I only had half the butter I needed. As I closed the refrigerator door, I noticed the magnet with the substitution chart right there, so I decided to go for it. The cookies came out great, and no one even noticed the difference!

I’ve also been dying to try the Caramelized Garlic/Garlic Oil recipe I found in Better Homes & Gardens February 2012 issue, which can be found here. Since this oil is cooked, you don’t need to use EVOO, which is better suited for drizzling and finishing dishes. I am a huge garlic lover and I can think of ten thousand uses for this recipe. I’ll post an update to let you know how it is!