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Lysol® Power & Free™

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! It’s not that I haven’t had new BzzCampaigns…I have…but they haven’t had blog post activities. So, anyway, I’m back, and today I’m Bzzing about Lysol® Power & Free™ cleaning products.

I received the multi-purpose cleanser as well as the disinfecting wipes for free via I also received a few coupons for the products in the line and bought the toilet bowl cleanser for myself (at a retail price of $1.97, and a $1 off coupon, it was a steal. I needed some anyway.)  The main selling point of these cleaning products is that they are bleach-free, using hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect. I absolutely hate using bleach, and avoid it if at all possible, so I was excited to give these products a try.

I first tried the wipes on my stovetop, where my husband managed to burn some sticky wort while making beer. I scrubbed with the wipes, and they barely made a dent in the mess. I moved on to my go-to cleaning product, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and it had some difficulty too, so I let the wipes slide. I ended up using a scouring powder. That is not an application I would expect a wipe to do well, so I wasn’t too disappointed. The wipes have been fine for wiping down countertops and (my most common use) cleaning my 3-year-old’s little potty. The scent is not overpowering, and I trust that a Lysol product is effective in killing germs. I feel okay using it around food and my child/pets.

Unfortunately, the other products didn’t really live up to my expectations. The toilet bowl cleaner wasn’t as powerful as I anticipated, and I really had to scrub to get some of the stains off. (That’s disgusting, isn’t it? I apologize.) While it didn’t have a bleach smell, I still felt the scent was too strong – it still smelled chemical.

The multi-purpose cleanser was the most disappointing. It cleaned my bathroom sink, and did an okay job, but I still feel like a Magic Eraser would have been a better choice. The bathtub was just a big failure, and I definitely needed to bring in reinforcements after spraying it down and scrubbing with a brush. The scent is TOO, TOO STRONG and almost had me gagging. It doesn’t even smell overly chemical, just – bad.

In short: good idea, bad execution. I’d love to see some retooling of the products – the idea of bleach-free is great!


Glade Expressions Collection

I live in a house with two cats, a dog, and a toddler that is still sometimes in diapers. Needless to say, it doesn’t smell like roses and freshly-baked bread in here all the time. Enter BzzAgent and the Glade Expressions Collection campaign! As part of my bzzKit for this campaign, they sent me coupons for two FREE products – one each of the Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser starter kits, plus a bunch of extra discount coupons. Yay! Two floors in my house, and they can both smell nice!

There are four scents in the line: Cotton & Italian Mandarin (scent mist only,) Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice, Lavender & Juniper Berry, and Pineapple & Mangosteen. Where I redeemed my coupons (my local Target,) there were only three scents available for each product. I was hoping to pick up the lavender fragrance mist, but it wasn’t on the shelves, so I opted for the cotton instead. I planned on putting the spray in my upstairs bathroom, and I’m not a fan of food smells in there for obvious reasons. I also would have preferred the bamboo oil diffuser holder to go on my kitchen windowsill, but it only came in the pineapple scent and that one seemed a little too sweet for me, so I opted for the white holder and apple scent combo instead. It’s apple season anyway, right?

So, before picking up this fragrance mist, I really didn’t understand the point of refillable sprays. I mean, isn’t that just extra landfill fodder? But after pulling off the holder label, I get it. The design is clean and tasteful, and looks fine sitting out in my bathroom. (Bonus, guests don’t have to go searching through my cabinets to cover their shame!) Most of the branding is on the utilitarian refill, so the only thing you see is the stylish white silhouette of the holder. The scent is fine. I expected a really chemical smell, but it mostly just smells like hotel soap. What does cotton smell like anyway? I am firmly planted north of the Mason-Dixon line, so the only cotton I ever smell has been bleached, dyed, and woven within an inch of its life. In the future, I’m more likely to refill with lavender, assuming I can find it.

I like the apple scent more. It really smells like crisp, slightly spicy and sweet apples. Of course, that just made me want to make apple crisp all day,  and my poor husband was dying to go apple picking. (We got that out of our system shortly after.) The fragrance was really strong the first day, but mellowed out considerably in the following week. My sister-in-law commented on how nice the house smelled during a visit a few days after. We also went out of town for almost a week, and the house didn’t smell like cats when we got home! Now, about three weeks after putting the diffuser out, I can only occasionally smell it. I assume that’s because I’ve gotten used to it – it’s a lot easier to detect after I’ve been out of the house for awhile. My only complaint is that the once-white refill is starting to yellow at the top – the same way a reed diffuser turns darker at the ends. In the bamboo holder it might not be as obvious, but contrasted with the white one, it’s noticeable. I have it in a window, so maybe the light affects it somehow. I do appreciate the spill-free design, especially with a toddler and inquisitive cats.

All in all, I’m pretty likely to purchase a refill, at least for the diffuser (we don’t go through a whole lot of the spray in our house, but maybe now that I’m leaving it in plain sight, we will!)