Schick Hydro Silk® Razor

Oh, hello there skirt season, you snuck up on me!  One of the best things about winter is that I can really slack off on shaving my legs because they are nearly always covered. Well, spring is just around the corner so it’s time to bust out the razor again. Right now I’m trying the Schick Hydro Silk razor for free through BzzAgent. So what do I think?

I’m not one to splurge on a million blades, so the Hydro Silk is a bit of an extravagance for me, with five blades. I’ve been using the Venus Breeze handle with some cheap 3-blade cartridge for as long as I can remember. Honestly? I can’t really tell much of a difference. Shaving with the Hydro Silk might be a little bit faster. I shaved one leg with my old razor and one with my new, and now, a few hours later, they feel the same to me. Both had nice, close shaves, and neither one left me with razor burn.

The design of the Hydro Silk handle is nice – it’s weighted just right and has a soft, rubberized grip to ensure that it stays safely in my hand. I can’t say as much for the included hanger. It attaches with a suction cup that will NOT stay on my shower wall. It’s not textured or anything, so I don’t know why, but it falls off at least once a week, scaring my dog and making her bark in the middle of the night, which makes my husband think someone broke into our house. So I’m literally losing sleep over this.

I like the “Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum” strips, but I have to wonder what the point is, if you still need to use shaving gel while you shave. (Pro tip: Do you have some conditioner lying around that didn’t work out for you? It makes a great shave lotion!) That said, I did shave my legs only with soap, and I have no irritation afterward.

All in all, do I like the Hydro Silk? Yes. Do I like my old razor? Yes. It’s really a wash – I’ll probably  just buy the cartridges for whichever one is cheapest at the moment.

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