COVERGIRL blastflipstick

While I’m more of an eye girl myself, I like to experiment with different looks on occasion. I was looking forward to trying the Covergirl BlastFlipstick campaign – after all, who doesn’t love getting three free fullsize lipsticks (and two colors each – 6 new colors!) and a SLEW of coupons? Thanks BzzAgent! Well, they send me these things so I can tell you about them – so here goes.

Out of the three lipsticks I got, only one of them really worked for me. Covergirl has a neat colormatch quiz that helps suggest colors according to your personal coloring. I’m very pale with dark hair and rosy undertones to my skin. The “Vixen” shade is very similar to what I currently wear – a rose pink with a lighter pink shimmer. That one was suggested to me on their website, as well as “Stunner,” an orangey-red with gold shimmer. That one felt too bright for me, although it was a little better after blending with the shimmery side. “Minx” is an intense brownish-berry color with a gold shimmer, and made me look like a silent movie starlet. It’s an interesting look, but not one I’d really feel comfortable braving the public with.

I have very dry lips and ALWAYS need to use a lip balm before lipstick. Unfortunately, BlastFlipstick isn’t really doing wonders for the delicate skin of my lips. It feels very grainy going on, even the “creamy” matte color. It is difficult to blend with the shimmery side. That said, it doesn’t seem to dry my lips out much WORSE, but it isn’t really helping them.

I think the idea of this product is fantastic. I like that you can change the placement of the shimmer for different effect. (PROTIP: Use a dab of the shimmer side in the very center of your lower and upper lip for an instantly plump pout!) I also think the shade selection is good. I’d like to try one of the more neutral shades in the future.

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