Perdue Oven Ready Roasters

Well, sorry for the broken image link above, hoping they’ll fix that in the near future.

This was my most disappointing bzzCampaign yet. I was PSYCHED to try the Perdue Oven Ready Roasters, having seen them in the store and thinking that it was a good idea. But after that first sighting – nothing. Over the last two months, I’ve checked three different grocery stores, usually visiting the grocery twice a week or more, and have yet to see any of the Oven Ready products since. The coupon I received from bzzAgent for a hefty discount (I believe it was nearly $11?) expired with 2012, so maybe I’ll pick one up in the future (assuming they still exist) if they’re on sale. I don’t know if the cooler space was just crowded out by turkeys for Thanksgiving, hams for Christmas, and 40 pound bags of shrimp for New Year’s, or what. I even checked Perdue’s official webpage, which assured me that the products are sold at two of the stores I shop at, but had no luck.

I was really excited to try this product, because I do love roasting chickens at home, but I hate the mess associated with it. I usually roast a whole bird (salt, pepper, a little thyme, searingly high heat – gives a lovely crispy skin and super juicy meat.)  I boil the carcass with whatever veggies and herbs I have on hand to make my own stock. I shred the leftover meat and use it in barbecue chicken sandwiches (hubby’s fave) or pot pies. (Side note – did you know you can shred chicken with the paddle attachment on your stand mixer? This CHANGED MY LIFE.) And then I try to leave the house so I don’t have to deal with that messy roasting pan. That’s not the only annoyance, either – rinsing and drying the chicken? Finding something to do with the gizzards and stuff? I really wanted to try this product, which seems to take at least half of the problems out of roasting a whole bird. Oh well. Maybe someday.

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