Be. Wines

Let me start off by saying I vastly prefer red wines to white or blushes, so that definitely has an effect on my opinion of this brand. I was a little disappointed when I found out that Be. wines only come in four varietals, each branded with a mood: Chardonnay (Fresh), Pinot Grigio (Bright), Pink Moscato (Flirty), and Riesling (Radiant). Oh well, I’m not one to turn down wine, so I went to the store with my $5 rebate in hand, hoping to pick up a bottle of the Pinot (lesser of four evils?) The first store I went to, Giant Eagle, didn’t even seem to have it in stock. That’s not the only place I do my grocery shopping though, so I checked Kroger the next time I went out to buy food. They only had the Pink Moscato left in stock (everything else was sold out) so I picked that up and set it aside for a rainy day (or girl’s night!)

I had a little sticker shock when I saw the price – $16.99? Unless it’s a special occasion or for someone else, I rarely buy wines outside of the $10 range. There are lots of decent wines at that price point, so I expect a lot out of a bottle if I’m spending more. Luckily it was on sale for $7.99, bringing the cost to about $3 after the rebate. Definitely worth a trial at that price.

Last week we went to a cottage with some family members, one of which also happens to be a BzzAgent (with her own bottle of Be. Pinot Grigio to share.) We cracked open the Moscato. First impression – wow, this is sweet. Cloying. It tastes like melted lollipops. Not my style, but after drinking a majority of the bottle, I did find myself feeling a little Flirty. Is that how this is supposed to work? We tried the Pinot next, which was drier and much more to my liking, but my taste buds were a little compromised after the first bottle. Maybe if we had the Pinot first, I would have been Bright enough not to drink so much of the Moscato. Or do they mean Bright as in shiny? Either way, I wish someone had brought along the Chardonnay, because I certainly was not feeling very Fresh the next morning.

This BzzKit came with Be. branded mints, a mirror, and lip gloss. I actually feel a little insulted by the marketing of this wine. As a woman, do I really need my very own wine, with cute matching moods and stylish bottles at an inflated price? Isn’t wine already mostly marketed to women anyway, without the need to pigeonhole us into some vapid stereotype?

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